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Runs fine, Yes, the pair system injects air into the exhaust and causes the unburned gasses to ignite, the sound is there with stock pipes also, just alot harder to hear, when you change pipes, the decel popping / gurgling is more pronounced due to the louder pipes. Here are a couple of links, one is for 1300, one for 1800, I have done all three bikes and I thought the Fury was easiest, I filled the electrical connection with dielectric grease, just in case I need to replace the system
I have NOT done any California (50 state )models I know all of the matte silver are 50 state models, they will have the canister under the swingarm.
Biglry's desmog mod for the VTX

Hey Clueless (or anyone)...
I'm getting ready to remove the "pair" system from my fury. It was mentioned on another website (showing the vtx1800), that the "secondary air system" (above pic) should also be removed while doing the pair valve. Does the Fury have a secondary air system, or is this just on the vtx1800? I haven't opened up my bike yet to look things over. Figured you would know since you have done all 3 bikes.

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Technically it is the Pulse Secondary Air Injection System, but the junk Bilgry talks about is not there. The flapper and vacuum valve etc. What you remove is basically 3 hoses, and a valve, the hoses are plugged into it, I filled the electrical plug with dielectric grease and tied it off.
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