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Seeing how there is very little room for adding electronics under the seat or anywhere else for that matter. I was wondering what was being considered by all when it comes to security. I'm not talking .357 or your standard wheel locks but something that will "alarm" when tampered with.

My mechanic said something about a wheel lock that had a siren with it but I've not heard of anything like this. There was a gentleman on here that was going to put a Gorilla Alarm on but I can't find his post. I have the Scorpio on my VTX but I wonder if there's room to put one on the Fury. Anybody out there crossed this bridge?

Thanks in advance!
I use the Xena XX10 model; there's a number of decent alarmed rotor locks out there.

Xena XX10 Stainless Alarmed Disc Lock: -

ABUS has a similar product but with a blinking blue led on it that serves as a visual warning. Costs a bit more though, so I got this one. pretty loud, goes off easy if you jiggle the bike. also when you're putting it on and taking it off lol.
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