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service manual

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anybody have a copy of the service manual they could send me for a loaner. i want to scan it into pdf format. if someone has a electronic copy already you could save me some serious time.
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if you get it into electronic format please let me know, i would love to get a copy.
I'd pay $10 for a legible PDF copy of the manual and I'm sure there are plenty of others that would also.
I just ordered a used copy from ebay. I will see about scanning it and getting out some copies.
Not opposed to the 60 bucks. I'm oppose to the hours of scanning. Nor am I looking to make a profit distributing copyrighted material. Just being lazy.
because the book ain't chrome :D

Now that is frekin funny....:D
Keep looking. I found brand new book on ebay for $43 shipped, think it was from cyclecity
Not looking to profit. Just letting some people borrow is all. You all will return it to me when you are done right.
Buy the manual ($60), scan it, sell the PDFs on line for $10 each :rolleyes:. Should pay for a few mods to boot :D.
I suspect this forum is read by folks employed by Honda. I certainly wouldn't get involved in a big stupid legal mess over plagiarizing their manual to save the price of a couple of quality wrenches. No vehicle manufacturer in their right mind is going to allow PDFs of their manuals floating around the internet. It's not just the price of the manual to them. It's also the liability for safety related changes they can't supply to myriad owners of PDF versions.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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