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Sissy Bar Back Rest Wishlist

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I keep hoping one of our vendors steps up with this version of a sissy bar / backrest / luggage carrier:

  • Mounting brackets hidden under passenger seat or fender (mounting studs could be visible provided they are show chrome or color matched to bike)
  • Detachable Sissy Bar where both a back rest and luggage carrier attach to. The luggage rack should either be quick detach or detachable by means of a couple of bolts

These items exist for bikes that have fender stays but our Fury creates a couple of design issues due to the concealed structure under the fender. The OEM backrest and pad suit me fine but a 6" higher sissy bar would permit T-Bag or bikers friend luggage to mount on the seat and be secured to the sissy bar. The addition of the luggage rack would allow the luggage and still allow 2 up riding.

I also recognize that many riders like the clean lines of of the bike withouth the sissy bar or with only a solo seat which is why I think concealed hardware with color matched or chrome studs protruding from the fender sides or just below the bottom edge of the fender would be best.

If mounting studs are not able to be mounted as above it seems to me that the passenger seat is required if only to conceal the hardware, but the rest of the items should be quick detach so we can go from boulevard cruising to long haul touring mode in minutes.

As more and more people are coming up with ideas to do part of this, it seems a healthy market would exist for the manufacturer that can combine all of the elements in one good looking accessory. I guess the more we bring it up the more likely someone will perfect it.

The attached pics of a Jardine quick detach backrest, Big Dog's interpretation, and my favourite from Paladin incorporate some of the ideas and hopefully someone will perfect this for the Fury.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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