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So we're from Montreal Canada. We're planning a ride to avoid a part of winter. The plan is to rent a pickup truck and stash the 3-4 bikes on a trailer, then drive down just past South Of The Border South Carolina to 805 Leco Rd, Dillon, SC 29536. There's a WalMart there. That's where we leave the pickup and ride our bikes down to Key West, then back.

We'd be going through Savannah GA, Jacksonville FL, perhaps Orlando FL, Tampa FL, the Everglades, and nearby Miami (Delray Beach county and such), all the way to Key West.

What I need are points of interest along the way. Some detour is acceptable, scenery is welcome, tolls should be avoided but ferries are ok (I doubt there is one along the way). We have many stops as my Fury will be stopping about every 140 miles or so (damn tank).

Please reply with any ideas you guys may have, anything is interesting! Thanks!
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