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Well I emailed Low and Mean about a product sponsorship for my fury, but apparently I have to buy product first... for those not already aware ... I am having my fury filmed while drag racing this thursday night. Seems there is not one video of someone drag racing the Honda Fury so it will be fun!...

This leads me to this rant.........
In the video, I will be promoting Cobra and Dyno Jet as well as Custom Dynamics, Extend-A-Haul and even sence they (you) all have hooked me up and/or helped me out in furthering my Fury's apperances and performance through product provision or helping me by answering a question. I will also be promoting the above listed while in Myrtle Beach sence my Fury will be in the Extend-A-Haul booth for the whole bike week and as well at the Charlotte 'Ink Fest Live' Tattoo show May 28-30 (yes some promoter dude saw my bike at a local gathering and asked for me to display inside the event for $$$)... Lets see hot chicks all over my bike and I'm getting paid... um... no brainer there... and yes I will gladly post pics for my fellow fury owners of Myrtle Beach and other shows...

Got side tracked... back to rant...

yes I am venting a bit because it seems that a company should offer to provide or at least discount product (more than 15%) if I am going to be placing their logo everywhere, taking the time to video, photograph, go to trade shows, etc... Such as Extend-A-Haul... I'm doing with out my fury from 8am-6pm everyday in Myrtle Beach (will be riding my womans Phantom) while on 'vacation' and they are compinsating me for it... Great company by the way and cool product... Now I know a company can get 'taken' by providing product and not getting a word back... thats why they should get a Credit Card number and if they don't see a return (photos from events, forum posts, email updates, etc...) then charge the card for the product.

To all the forum people though... I've been dealing with sponsorships for years from giving and receiving. From product provision to being in a company's booth at SEMA in Las Vegas to talk to people. (customized a company's car for free and got a paid trip to vegas for 4 days!) but sometimes its not all its cracked up to be... some companies expect their logo on your bike/car as well as tattooed on your forehead! Its not worth the product provided to be at their beck and call 24/7 unless your getting big $$$$. Then sometimes you can hook up with a great company that understands they are asking for your time and using your image and hard work (say on your fury!) to promote and sell more units and will compensate you accordingly... Jim at Mothers has been doing this with my buddy Chip for a while. They have had a great relationship for over 12 years. Before Chip being on Overhaulin and Rides. When he was just doing what many of us are doing... customizing into a look we like! PS... Pic attached of Chip and I in Las Vegas for all those that think bullshit!)

To those looking for sponsorship... dont expect it if you just drive your bike to the local bar once a week. Companies look for return on investment and you must offer that by going to local events as well as trade shows, promote online and aspire for print features. Takes alot of time on your part so if your willing to invest it and be prepared to give it you could get sponsored.

To those who sponsor... I know times are tough, but you have to market! its a tax right off anyway... telling people to buy from you and then say we MAY pay you if you get featured (what $20 bucks?) or may give you a discount (what 15% on something your making 40% on?) after i've already spent $100s of dollars with you already will NOT WORK in promoting your product but more likely piss people off. If you want a user of your product to brag about it every time he opens his mouth, types, is filmed, etc... you GOT to give it to him. Offer to take care of him by bringing him and his bike into an event as a booth piece or use pics of him/his bike on your website! He will pomote your product/brand even more! Maybe even scream out your 'brand' while giving it to his old lady in the bedroom saturday night:D... Yes a guy can just drop off the radar and your out the investmnt, but its a chance you take to market in sponsorship. This forum alone can tell you alot about how much how often, where and what a fury owner will do for your brand. If a company is too scared in the small risk then go and spend the big bucks and buy commercial time with some big boobed chick installing your product to target the male's (and some female's:D) into buying it. Worked for me with GoDaddy! Course their Super Bowl spot was only like a million bucks! But hey, your a company that won't sponsor and/or just offers a small discount or gives big MAYBE... GOOD LUCK in sticking around in todays economy.

With all this said, I must shout out to Cobra exhaust! fits great! Easy install! sounds good! doesn't burn my leg! Great Warranty, manufacturing and customer service! same goes to Dyno Jet! They took time with me over the phone and were very patient and made my bike tuning a breeze! To Custome Dynamics! The LEDS are killer! lots of flash patterns at a good price to consumers! glad you saw that my bike needed it to set off the paint scheme! To Extend-A-Haul... your system is awesome for transporting bikes! Its why it won a SEMA award! Can't wait to promote/work with you guys at Myrtle Beach and further events and to the members of who have networked with me, offered advise, suggestions, compliments and tips on the progression of my work on my fury. I've been able to do all the installs myself (succesfully with still having all my fingers!) which makes my head tilt up just a little higher!

well thats my 2 cents...

Whats yours?



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Ehh it could always be worse. I think their test teams like RSS and Clueless did were best, It was a killing 2 birds with 1 stone senario, they got an awsome spring, and L&M got their product tested. I know some stuff i got sponsored for is just collecting dust in my house, called them to get out of it or return a product since i got other stuff from them that replaced the old item and its an "ohh well keep it and we will get back to you." My house is a storage locker for another 2 years then i can get rid of some products
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