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Stopped by the Honda Dealership

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Was cruising up Beach blvd. and thought I stop in the local dealership and say hello.
Since it was late evening they all came out to check out the bike..

It was met with great reviews..

I got everything from great pipes to "is that a S & S on there?"
They they all wanted to hear it..
They all loved it and got some pics for their website...

They offered wheel & front fork chroming..
Might have to take them up on that this winter...:)
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yep, i went to mine, and the entire store emptied to look and take pics
That happened to me when I bought it and when i came back to pick up the grips i ordered. Mine was the first one they sold and there was a huge crowd around me when i started it. No one had heard it before that moment.
The Honda dealer in Hattiesburg has a new matte fury with cobra swepts, sickle mirrors, zombie levers-pegs, kuryakyn iso grips, etc for sale....I asked them if it was used, they said they put the stuff on there to help sell the bike...sure looks sweet! I'm impressed with the look of those cobra swepts....they sure look better in person than they do on the pics........I wanted to hear them but the dealer didn't have the batteryon the bike or gas in the tank.
I spoke with them about the Fury sales. They said they sold more Blue Fury's and cannot get rid of the matte silver and matte black bikes.
I told them that our forum poll had matte silver with the most votes on color choice closely followed by blue and black.

They donated the red one to the OC traffic officers association for a raffle.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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