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I just bought a Cycleworld and they compared the Fury to the Raider. They said that the Fury was a really nice bike, but the Raider better for the extra $800 bucks.

I'm here to down the Fury, but I wonder what kinds of factory choppers will come next? Anything from Harley or Victory is at least $17,000 and doesn't have the great reputation that the Jap bikes got. If Harley wants to get outta of the dumps with sales then they should offer some decent bikes to compare to the Jap ones. Maybe a chopper with a revised Sportster engine priced to compete with the Fury.

At my local Honda dealership they said they can't keep the Furys in stock. I wonder that since the Fury is selling in the middle of a Depression what could come next?

Maybe a Honda chopper with the 1800 VTX engine to be a fair fight with the Raider. Or maybe Kawasaki could make a chopper with the Mean Streak engine.

Just a thought.
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