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On my home from work today, i witnessed a car vs. motorcycle accident. The guy was on a sportster right in front of me in the right lane, a car was stopped in the left lane waiting to turn left at an intersection. the guy on the sportster passed him, and a car coming from the other direction turned left right in front of him, and he didnt have time to stop.... he may have broken his ankle, but he was only wearing shorts and tennis shoes, if he had leather boots on and pants, he might have had lessor injuries... but overall he will be ok, and the bike seemed to only have relativley minor damage.

the dare i say funny part of the story is that, while i'm giving the police officer my statement since i was the main witness to the accident. In the middle of my statement, the officer stops me and says where was i when it happened? I said right behind him on my bike, and i pointed at my fury i had parked on the side of the road. So then the officer starts to ask me 20 questions about my bike, like did i build it myself, what kind is it, etc.. etc.. lol
I found it funny that the officer was more interested in drooling over my fury than hearing the details of the accident.
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