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The Mufflers

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I know this is getting old but I wanted to pass another tidbit out there. I didn't want to spend the big bucks for a ballsier sound on mine, so what I did was I stumbled accross a fellow Fury rider who was selling his stock exhaust on Ebay ( Yeah, I couldn't believe it either! ) because he purchased the new cobra exhaust. I got it for $100.00.......couldn't pass it up. Anyway, what I am doing is keeping one set for stock, and the other set to modify. What I did was take the one pair of headers to Minneke Mufflers and had them weld a short peice of 1 3/4" exhaust pipe on the ends of the pipes to the compressed muffler stop. Now I have a pair of 20" side turn out mufflers from JC Whitney that fit perfectly. Now when you have the pieces welded, remember to leave a bit of the end pipe exposed to tack that end as well. I couldn't believe how feakin' good it worked. Now I can put ANY kind of slip-ons on my bike without wondering if they fit or not. All said and done it cost me $245.00. And the side turn outs look just like the Jardine turn outs, but a lot less. Pictures to follow.
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Here are the pics of my J C Whitney mufflers as promised......and they speak with very much authority!!
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That's inventive, looks great. Way to go man!
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Here are the pics of my J C Whitney mufflers as promised......and they speak with very much authority!!
One's crooked... kidding..:D
Very inventive, looks good.. now we need a YouTube visual and sound

Nice job..:)
Good Job! Way to improvise :cool:
Looks really good!!!
Stock pipes available

I have a stock set of pipe's if anyone wants them??
I just wanted to add something I forgot when I explained how it was done. When you have the 1 3/4 OD spacer welded on, they are a sleave that is slipped over the end of the header were the muffler would clamp. Also make sure they are centered when you set the first tack, and the end towards the header is welded solid with no gaps. I re-read my initial thread and it came across to me like I said you weld the spacers to the end of the pipe instead of over the end were you clamp. I just wanted to make it a bit more clear.
Looks sweet man.
How much did they cost, and how difficult were they to install?
The mufflers

I got the mufflers on Ebay for under $100.00. It cost me $45.00 to have the 1 3/4 sleeves welded on. If you don't care about your pipes you have now, and use them, it should cost you about what I paid to maybe $200.00 depending on how much you spend for the mufflers. It would be a bit more if you find a set of stock headers for sale as I did and use those instead of your existing headers. I hope this helps.
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