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The new guy

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Hey all,

Im Mark, new forum reader/member. Hailing from South Eastern Wisconsin. Im in the process of looking to purchase a fury. Possibly from one of the members here, if all works out well. Ive been riding Honda's most my life. My first mini bike at age 8 was Honda. Ive had one bike that wasn't a Honda, it was a Harley. Needless to say, Im buying another Honda.

Anyway, Have done alot of reading thus far, and I gotta say I love the site. I will interject more when I actually have something worthwhile to say. Hope to ride with many of you soon.

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Welcome to the forum and hopefully you will find a good deal on a bike. Might also want to check eBay as there are some good deals on there for the Fury's. Anyways, good luck and let us know what you are looking for and maybe we can help you find it.

Welcome! Hope you find what you are looking for real soon. If you think talking about a Fury and looking at them is fun.....wait until you're riding one!
Hey Mark welcome to the fury and I hope you potential new purchase works out and your riding soon.
Welcome to the forum and the information highway for the Fury.
Welcome to the forum and the information highway for the Fury. well as some other useless crap you may be interested in. :D

Welcome, Mark. Hope you enjoy the forums and I know you'll enjoy the bike once you get it. ;)
..and he really means "crap" :)
Welcome aboard sir.... What was it that Mental told everybody? "Learn, Listen, & Contribute, honor thy father and mother and read the FAQ section" and so on.:)
Seeing we already met on another thread, welcome to the forum,,may the credit card not be at you bad side when you buy this bike,,as to some of us we tend to spend ,,lol i call it spiritual enrichment training,,why not ride a bike that everyone wants to own and look at,,,lmao,,,right Blue,,how bout those chrome wheels,,lmao
Ive found my Fury. Im purchasing one from a member of the forum. Going to Ky, from Wi to go get it early next week.

Hope to ride with all of you soon.
Welcome. Love the avatar.
Thanks, thats the Mrs. on our boat.
Your going to love this bike and I'm sure you already know about the addiction that comes with it.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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