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The Scutch

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Hey guys. My name is Mike I an not however a fury owner. I am a big dog owner. Last night some dbag that goes by the handle scutch came on the big dog forum that I frequent and stirred up a big pot a crap. I don't know how long he has been a member here but seems to really be a shit bird. Just a friendly warning. Thanks guys see ya on the road.

Hydroboy! I see that you made a post on the forum. On behalf of the forum I think I can say thanks. Sorry for the crap.
Mikie out.
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You trying to fly under the radar scutch,,Better be carful the boys are not happy with you..!!:cool:
Cheers to many safe miles! Have a good one Mickie.
We should just scratch the scutch, hes like the nasty itch some of us call Ghoneria. None of us really like it
Yeah, there's always a douche bag though no matter where you look.
what happen to old scrutch- he get banded or what? he was a ____ anyways!
Scutchy, you still here? I thought maybe they banned you. How come you took your pics off?
I'm on a time out...:( Till i complete my AA classes) My name is Scutch.:eek:
If it's tru good luck saved my brother.
theres one in every barrel.welcome mike and stop by every now and then.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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