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Hi! new member here, just signed up this evening. I've been riding for almost 35 years, mostly Hondas. I strayed a few years ago when I tried a Harley for the first time. I have never had a bike that recieved so much attention! (until now) It looked great, sounded sweet and fell apart everytime you looked at it. I doubled my money when I sold it and haven't had any of our 4 bikes running this spring.
I saw an ad for the Fury last week and almost passed it by-here's yet another ad for some overblown $30,000 chopper....wait, did that say Honda?! go back..
I am so happy to be back on a Honda, everything is just as it should be. The engine starts everytime, the transmission is smooth and it's backed by the warranty. I love the way it feels like it stretches out in those long, sweeping curves!
Sorry for hthe long post.
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