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I said goodbye to my VTX1300C and got a silver Fury.

Been reading all the posts here for research, and have liked the look since I first saw one. Thought about it last week when I went in Tuesday, but didn't have the funding in place. Decided not to go with it for a variety of reasons, but couldn't get the idea out of mind. Went into the shop today to pick up the springs I had left (I had just done the fork springs in the VTX), and it was still sitting there (almost a week later). Told them I'd be back in an hour with my bike to try to do the deal. Walked out a couple hours later with the new ride. 25 miles later, I'm pleased with my new ride.

It's smooth, it shifts nicer than my VTX (maybe it won't once it's broken in), nice sound for stock pipes. I set the suspension from info I got here, and its good. Will likely do the seat and grips soon, and watch for what else comes available in time.

Funny story- on the way out of the Honda dealer driveway, there's a Harley dealership almost next door. I'm coming up on it, and there's a couple scoping out the HDs. The girl looks up and STARES me on the bike for the entire time I was in front of the store.

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