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Tool Bag Location

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Not sure if there is a right or wrong answer to this question so I'm gonna just put it out there.....Where's the best place to put your tool bag.....on the forks under the headlight, or on the frame just above the radiator?
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Where ever you want.
Mine is above the radiator. Maby a little safer there from people who feel the need to steal things.
I think it looks better there then on the forks.
I have also seen it at the base of the radiator. I think one of the bikes entered in the fury of the month(may) has a picture with one on it at the base.
Make sure you get a stiff bag. If you don't it looks droopy.
I have tried it on both the top of the grill and under the H/L i like it under the light but it is truly a personal choice (no wrong place)////:D
where you like it the best, that is the best place..
I've got my Fury fork bag above the headlight...It fits there pretty well..but I may move it above the radiator..
I personally put it below the headlight. With the irate grill reducing the amount of air getting to the radiator, I felt it was logical not to restrict any more air getting to the radiator.
I put mine above the radiator. I was going to put it under the headlight, but it was a pain to get into because of the flap being pressed right under the headlight. I think it looks pretty good above the radiator, but, to each their own.

I have mine at the base of the radiator, but like others have said it's all a matter opinion.
Mine is below the radiator also, makes them have to get on their knees to steal anything and if you catch them you do not have to raise your leg that far up to kick the crap out of them.:)
Mine is above the radiator. It just does fit without rubbing the brake line. That's just me. I found the attaching straps wothless and used those locking ties like for wire bundles. Much more secure and easier to use.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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