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Touch up Paint.

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as i have a small chip in the bike, i have stumbled over this site. I believe i have read here that finding the OEM colors is difficult. I plan on contacting my Honda dealership to see what they charge for comparison.

Paint Search :: Color Results - ColorRite
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I have the Blue touch up paint and that color code looks correct.
Still even off the Color rite site that's not to bad for a pen, that pen should last a long a$$ time, now when you get into the spray cans is where I think it gets expensive. Like Clueless said it's probably best to go through the dealer first as it's going to be a little cheaper. If you notice like for the black it's been around since 2006 so I would think the dealer probably has some on hand instead of waiting for it to get shipped and delivered.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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