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Touring with an extra tank of gas

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Going on a trip with a 410km (255 mile) stretch between gas stations. Hopefully this will do it!

3.7 liter (1 gallon) Rotopax, 7.6 liter (2 gallon) Giant Loop gas bag and a 2 liter (1/2 gallon) Touratech fuel canister in a 5.11 Tactical pouch.

Usually only need the 2 liter filled for emergencies and the Rotopax for more remote areas. The gas bag can be rolled up for all but the long stretches.

If this works, the Fury could do the Dalton or the Dempster if gravel isn't a concern! :concerned:

Think I'll continue to avoid gravel if possible though.
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Shame that CA is a basket case these days. I see images of the homeless in places I know well and it depresses me. I'm planning a trip to the US early next year and I will be spending time in the Bay Area. Where I used to live in Union City should be OK. But if the family want to do some tourist stuff up in San Francisco I will have to think about it carefully. It's no wonder all my friends from CA moved to AZ.
yeah the ppl from CA come to AZ and want to screw it up like they have CA
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