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Tricked into buying Blue Chopper

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:eek:Thanks to my buddy, Bart Brown, of Clawsons in Fresno, for wheeling that sexy blue beast out into the sunlight....then throwing me the keys and saying "don't put TOO many miles on it....weed like ta sell it as a NEW bike...."
I did a couple of practice 360s in the parking lot, couldn't believe how tight it turned, easy to steer, hell i'm ready- I hit the street. Nice. two Harley riders and I chatted in the @#$*ing traffic-they were admiring, but when I told them the price both said BUY IT!!!. So I did. Damn you Bart! Now I have go out and have fun, go to car shows,bars, put hot chicks on the back (well, at least one...) Unfortunately, I did not have a way to get it home, so tomorrow its back to Clawsons with the MC trailer! I just went to Fresno to pick up my special order Gloss White Shoei RF-1000!!!! Why does this plastic chopper have to look so good? Sure hope there is enough space in my living room for it......
Lookin forward to a CC (Central Coast) Fury Club!

Hi Cencal Fury!:)
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Yep that's pretty much how they hooked me.
I forget how far that is from SF area. 3 hours? If you got a CC Club going I would contimplate making the run!!! :cool:
Welcome to the forum! Get a friend or hire a Taxi to get you there :) ... then ride like the wind...
Congrats on the Fury and welcome to the forum.
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