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Tripple Tree Face Lift

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One mans junk is another mans treasure. Take your factory grips and use the ends to cover your outer two bolts on the top of your tree. Then use one of the inside of the grips to incase the chrome nut in the middle of the tree.

1- Just wiggle the outer chrome piece of the left hand side of the grip until it comes off.
2- Unscrew the end of the right grip off (twist hard).
This next part is kinda of tricky. You will need to remove the ithreaded area of the right grip.
3-Take a pair of needle nose plyers and twist the threaded area back and forth until this area becomes soft and plyable to yank small pieces out of it. Do this until you can put the end cap over the Tripple Tree bolt.
4-Free up one of the inside of the grips for the middle tripple tree bolt.
5-Take about a 3 inch piece of 3M tape and slice it down the middle.
6-Use the uncut edge of the 3M tape to carefuly line the bottom on the cap. Also try to keep the tape as close to the edge as possible so that it creates a clean smooth finnish.
7- Repeat the same procedure on the other caps.

Like Emril would say "BAM!"


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That looks pretty good. Way to think outside the box and use left over parts.
Very nice job it looks greatd. There have been many various mods posted within the forum for the use of these extra grip ends and I myself used them for various nut covers to ignition key cover. Try using the one extra inner ring you now have left on the right rear axle nut as a cover and you will be pleasantly surprise by your new look.
Nice work!
very nice. now, where did i put those oem parts?
FANTASTIC! I should attempt installing the new grips this weekend, once i get the balls to do it. Im scared as hell that i will glue the throttle closed, then be screwed and have to flatbed the bike to the shop to have it fixed. Once i get them off, now i know where to stick them, and cover those unsightly bolt heads!
First start withe the throttle side first. You'll want to do this side first because you will position the left hand grip according to the way this one rests and don't worry,you won't even use glue on the trottle side.
Next, unscrew the end cap off the throttle grip. Then take apart the throttle housing by unscreing two screws on the bottom. Then, take the cable that goes into the switch housing and release it from the handle bars by disconecting the small clips. Also just a little lower where the cable is connected to the fork you will have to relase it from that "U" shaped wire. This will give you just enough slack to slide the throttle of the handle bars.
Next you will see two cables connected to the throttle with two little silver barrels on them in place. push the cable to the side and you will be able to disconect them and put your new qrip on. It can be a little tricky putting the cables back on and you might have to turn the throttle to give you some slack. Don't worry it isn't as hard as it sounds.
The second grip is easy, just wiggle the end cap off and take a razor blade and slice it down the middle and peal it apart. Clean glue off handle bar and place about 5 drops of glue in the griip and slide it on and in about two minutes it will be dry.
I felt the same way you did about this job and Oh Sh#@! what if I mess it up. Don't worry, just "Do it" and not like Nike...More like Star Ski and Hutch with Ben Stiller "Do it... Do it." J/K
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You won't use glue on the throttle side. Call me tomorrow and I will give you some tips on how to go about this. I felt the same way you did before I attempted mine. I actually had my grips for two weeks before I mustered up the courage to do it. You are more than welcome to call be tomorrow and I will give you some tips on how to. C-812-453-0525
triple tree chrome logo replacement

Picture of new chrome replacement logo for triple tree. $5 if anyone is interested. Comes free with engine covers.


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Although I haven't seen my bike in a while and probably never noticed in the first place that Honda had a badge there, this looks good. I don't remember seeing a post from you in the thread "what you do for a living", but what do you do for a living that you can make this stuff? Keep up the good work and I appreciate you sharing with the forum.
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