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Updated Forward Control Vendors

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Hey Fam,

So back in 2019 I purchased these forward controls and did a write up on them. I wasn't very impressed from the get go, but they were half the price of all of the other forward controls at the time:

After firing up the bike for this season and doing some work on it, I'm reinforced in how much I dislike this setup.

So I'm wondering who still makes forward controls for these bikes?

Really I'm looking for 4"+ extension forward, powdercoated in black must be an option, must be STEEL for the reasons I outlined in the thread (aluminum is way too flexy for the brackets). Spacers suck I've learned so anything that needs to be spaced out should have a boss welded to the control plate (a spacer with a bolt through it flexes way too much). I also would like to maintain the stock resevoir location, not looking to move that.

I know that's a long list of requests, but who still produces these things?

I know what a lot of you are gonna say, take the stock ones and modify or have them modified, but I don't want to do that. I keep stock for backups or for when I sell the bike so I can sell the extras separately.

Anyway, what do you guys think for some quality forward controls these days? Would like to get something on order, riding season is here and we just went and picked up the gf's new (to her) bike yesterday:

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That bike is the best color of fury ever.
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I made a bracket for my gauge, just under the tank. I would get a 200lb gauge, as the 100lb is almost near the limit, but works
Thanks! I splurged and just bought their all in one switch and gauge
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It’s a sickness we all have 🤣 get one idea in your head and down the rabbit hole we go! 🤣
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