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Great description

There are no vacuum lines on your Fury unless your name is Tony and/or you live in California :rolleyes:.It's OK Tony, you can come out now ;).

There are two hoses which attach the air cleaner. The larger one provides filtered air via the PAIR valve to the exhaust port assisting unburned fuel to finish burning inside the exhaust system before reaching the atmosphere. The smaller hose allows crankcase blow-by gas (containing burned and unburned fuel) to mix with atmospheric air inside the air cleaner and be recirculated through the combustion process. Both of these functions are designed to reduce pollution of the air we breathe.

The PAIR system will work normally with an external filter. The unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are reduced to carbon dioxide and water vapor by the PAIR system and catalytic converter inside the stock muffler if they are still in place.

The closed crankcase ventilation system will no longer be "closed" if detached from the air cleaner and will discharge pollutants into the atmosphere. If disconnected I expect the change to the intake air/fuel ratio would be minimal but you will have to go to a higher authority for specifics :D.

Your description & illustration should clear up a lot of confusion & answer several questions.

Thank you for your posting.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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