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For those not aware, I have done a few video clips and posted them on my site. Now I'm not a video editor and so am asking the Fury community who would be willing to do some editing for me?

I have started a "NEW LOOK" thread on here on revamping Nitro-Fury's with aftermarket fenders, paint, seat, accessories, etc... I will be taking short clips of the process and some interview clips from such companies that can be hands on like Andy from Camtech has. This re-vamp will be done in the next 3 weeks with progress already starting! Thats fitting fenders, accessories, LEDs, new paint, etc...!

My vision is not self promotion, but to show the good, the not-so-good, what has to be customized and what fits perfect on the Fury as well as show to non-Fury owners what a great bike the Fury is and with a little thought and products from top aftermarket compies, what the Fury can be customized into. I want to show clips giving viewers the inside look at custom painting/airbrushing, fitting parts, what products companies are offering, etc...

I'm leaning to just a few short 2-3 minute clips with peoples/companies names, a little music and some transition editting. Don't really want alot of special flashy FXs unless they are suttle and clean.

If any one is out there willing to dedicate their time I will gladly like to send copies of all the video on a CD as well as like to have your contact info in each clip intro so others will see your editing skills and give you props for your services. The videos will be uploaded to the furyforum, you tube, Metacaf, etc... as well as provided to all the companies that are working on this 'NEW LOOK' for Nitro-Fury

If your a video editor, My email is [email protected]. Send me some things you have done and lets discuss further details!
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