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These are just a few videos of the Cobra Swept Exhaust baffle mods that can be done. Remember that the camera wont give 100% accurate sound so just use these as a general guideline.

1. Cobra Swept exhaust with cut and drilled baffles.
Pics of these baffles will be posted later

A nice volume increase over the stock baffles but not loud.

2. Cobra Swept Exhaust with homemade short baffles.
Pics to follow

A slight to mid increase over cut and drilled stock baffles but not as loud as straight exhaust. Its hard to tell from the video but these do have a deeper tone over the cut baffles in person.

3. A road test of the homemade baffles.

Just to give an idea of what the sound like coming toward and going away.

More videos to come later, maybe.

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Great job! Thank's for doing that and putting in the time.
That is a major difference from stock.
This should make the decision easier for everyone wanting to do this.
Nice seat!
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