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Being carfull is improtant. I ride the intersate often and I have cruised at 75-80mph (with the flow of traffic on I-85/40). Is the fury not stable enough for that? It does weigh alot, and it has a good footprint, I just thought Honda would have desinged it with 75mph interstate speed limits in mind. I figured the 100mph limit was Big Brother trying to slow people down. Thanks for the information. Predator, I am excited to see the results! kingdave, thanks for the info. What is the "break in mialage" on the Fury?
The Fury will cruise at 80 no problem, but this is a stretched out, raked out cruiser. It's not going to be any where near as stable as your Magna. There is a lot less room for mental lapses.

On the performance front, that v4 is a sweet engine. I'm a little partial since I also ride a 2002 VFR. The Fury delivers more torque across the board, but it's likley not quicker than your Magna anywhere. I believe the Fury is a full second slower than the Magna through the quarter. The Fury is NOT a power cruiser.

For me, the Fury was an awsome addition, but it wouldn't satisfy me as my only bike.
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