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I use a garden hose for the water and a small amount of soap. Here is a step by step detail of how I wash my bike.

#1 Park bike in a shady area with preferably on direct sun light.
#2 Mix one cap full of car soap/wash into a bucket of warm water.
#3 Using a standard garden hose that is properly afixed to a working hose bib, lightly wet the bike down.
#4 Use a soft cloth and dip it into bucket of warm soapy water. See #2 for more details.
#5 Start in a small area of the highest part of the bike. Usally the mirrors and handle bars. Wash thourghly.
#6 Quickly rinse the area just completed in step #5.
#7 Wash small portions of the bike at a time and rinse. This eliminates the chances of water/soap drying on said bike.
#8 When bike is completly washed and rinsed, go over the bike one last time to completly rinse off any soap that may have been missed.
#9 I usaully towl dry first then follow up with a Chamois.
#10 Ride bike so that the remaining water blows off then repeat #9.

I am gonna try the leaf blower next time. Well folks, I hope this really helps everyone that has been stuggling with the proper way to give your bike a bath. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.:D

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I posted a thread about this back in May I believe. Someone mentioned to try the Honda Spray cleaner. I got it off Ebay really cheap and it's an easy, quick way to clean the ride. It works on both the plastic and chromed pieces. Good luck!

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This is my last step! Everyone taking notes, Please add this to the list..

#11 Finish up with a complete detail using Honda Spray Cleaner.

Forgot this to...

#12 Use a high quality leather cleaner on the seats. I have some my Lexus dealer gave me and you will slide off the seat if your not careful :eek:

#13 Get out and RIDE.

#14 Repeat steps 1 -13 as needed. :D
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