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Well tire B is a Metzler 880 XXL... when it is mounted it will give the appearance that it is wider... if you are looking for taller then go with A.

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Cropping in photoshop says the Metzeler is 4% wider and 1.5% taller than the Dunlop. So now lets have some pics with them mounted on 8.5" rims assuming they are both intended for 18" wheels. ;). So what are you up to Taz ???
I am up to about 5'6" give or take an inch or so... :D
You are correct, 18" on a modified RC rim.
Been finishing up the bike. Last thing left is the pipes which are being fabricated as I type. When rim returns from its mod and installed she shall be done.
Trust all is well on your end...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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