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Will other sissy bars fit fury?

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Im wondering if the sissy bars from VTX1300 or 1800 will fit our furys? anyone know?
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I think if they did, it would be public notice here on the board... it's a custom build at this time unless you want what Honda offers which is the low profile options made for the Fury.
Last week I send an email on the Cobra website asking if one of their VTX sissy bars will fit in the Fury. This is the answer I get:


We are not currently building a sissy bar for the Honda Fury, as there are no fender rails, so mounting a sissy bar would be difficult. Please feel free to call Cobra customer service @ 714-692-8180 for more info.


Andre La Plante
ok cool thanks for all the info guys!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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