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This has been a very exciting year for the Fury & we are on our way with the customizing. Lets post up what we have done so far and what you want to do next year.

My mods so far are...

1. Sumo-X 250 Tire Kit w/ Pointed Fender
2. Sumo-X Polished Intimidator Wheels
3. Sumo-X Side Mount License Bracket w/ Brake & Tail Lamps
4. Sumo-X Polished Swing Arm
5. Kuryakyn Zombie Pegs – Front (Rear Removed)
6. Kuryakyn Zombie Levers
7. Kuryakyn Scythe Mirrors
8. Honda Billett Clutch, Timing, and Master Cylinder Chrome Covers
9. Honda Billett Oil Dipstick and Fork Nut Covers
10. Honda Custom 'Vector' Seat
11. Honda SS Braided Throttle and Clutch Cables
12. Spiegler SS Braided Brake Lines (front & rear) with Chrome Banjos
13. Kuryakyn Lizard Lights
14. Kuryakyn L.E.D. Silver Bullets Front and Rear Turn signals
15. Cobra Swept pipes- Baffles Removed
16. Fi2000 Fuel Controller
17. Polished Tourque Arm
18. All Reflectors, Stickers, & Emblems Romoved

Next Year...

1. I have ordered the Kuryakyn Engine Case Covers. Should be here next week.
2. I want to change the air intake. Not sure to what tho. S&S looks better than stock. I almost was ready to buy Predator's, but it sold. Snooze ya loose. I welcome any ideas/suggestions:)
3. Waiting on a Radiator Grill that I like.
4. Maybe a kit to lower the bike.
5. ????


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Current Mods:

Accutronix Tribal Forward Controls
Accutronix Tribal Grips
Accutronix Tribal Fork Nut Covers
Accutronix Passenger Foot Pegs
Accutronix Side Mount License Plate
Accutronix Air Intake Adaptor w/the Cover
D&M Twisted Spike Intake
Fuggin Fabrication Viper II Exhaust
Fuggin Fabrication Fuel Controller
Fuggin Fabrication Chrome Heat Shields
Arlen Ness Mirrors
Kuryakyn Deep Dish Bezels (turn signals)
Full LED conversion for turn signals (red in the rear)
Kuryakyn Engine Covers
Color Matched Chrome Covers under the seat
De-Badged and removed stickers

Future Mods:

Paint the Hub Black
Slim LED rear taillight
Lower it
I'd like to replace the entire headlight assembly
Spike out the Exhaust
Possible color change from the Matte Silver & color match the pin stripe on the rims :D
New Triple Trees (Huge Wish) :cool:

That's about it...

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new year's bike resolutions

in 2009:
Engine Covers
Removed rear license plate assembly
Accutronix side license plate
XOProdox tribal grips and toepegs (yes I cut the stock off)
Tribal mirrors
custom C&C leather seat
Cobra Speester Swepts
Kuryakyn wing pegs
Kuryakyn bezel turn signals
Kuryakyn Master cylinder/clutch covers
Xenon bulb
Joe Florida LED kit
Honda rear chrome fender panel
RAW fork covers

For 2010
chrome front and rear wheels
polish pumpkin and ring
polish calipers

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Also, I'd like a full report on your progress to date.:D
Mine is fairly stock.
Latest is a folding sidemount plate

MCC Modded seat
Glens CPR
Personalized Speedometer Face Plate
Honda S/S cables and brake lines
Honda boulevard shield
Kury clutch cover
Kury wide clutch and brake levers
Kury Turn signal mirrors
Kury Silver bullet rear turn signals
Kury ISO pegs
Kury Liberator Mod on shifter
Kury chrome engine cover
Kury Powdercoated ISO grips with throttle lock
S&S Intake
Cobra Fi2000
Polished Front Brake master cyl

Just got a set of HardKrome K2 pipes
Tins should go to painter soon.

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whoring . what do you mean , explain
Posting a lot of pictures of it :D The pictures have been passed around more than a... (family forum cencorship) :D

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Painted the Lettering on the tires red. (fading already)
Added the stock sissy bar and pad.
Kuryakyn Blade style levers.
Fury tool pouch. (currently over the radiator)
Condor bag. (currently in my garage, lol)

Next year...
Viper exhaust by Fuggin
Fuggin fuel controller
Maybe a butt Buffer
Webslingers gage dial
and who knows what else?

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Heres my list....

Chrome Rear Brake resevoir cover
Chrome engine case covers
Chrome Spike Fork Caps
Kuryakyn Chrome Perch Clutch cover
Cobra Swept Exhaust (No Baffles)
Cobra Fi200R
Kuryakyn ISO Grips
Kuryakyn Chrome control covers
Raw Stealth Tail light System
D&M Chrome Spike Twister Air Cleaner
Kuryakyn Master Cylinder Cover
Wicked Image Tribal-Gothic Mirrors
Low and Mean Skull Speedometer Plate
Kuryakyn Stiletto Foot pegs
Stiletto Spike end caps for ISO grips
Low and Mean Chrome Air intake Adapter
Mean Cycles Skull Radiator Grill
Joe Florida LED Light Kit
Raw Design Side mount Liscense Plate
All "Honda" emblems removed
All reflectors removed
Clear lense covers on Front turns

For 2010

Caimen Gator Seats
Low and Mean Air shock
Paint side chrome panels Red
More ladies to ride on the back...........:D

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Ummmmmm, not much:


Turn signal conversion kit by Electrical Connection
Kury Scythe mirrors
Kury smoked deep dish bezeled signal covers


Custom made handlebars
Some type of exhaust, controller, and air intake (still waiting to see what becomes available - or might have someone fab it.)

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cobra swepts w/o baffles
kury grips, and ends
fury tool pouch
side mount plate bracket, made by me
kury turn signal bezzels

front forks, side overs, rear hub, drive shaft stabilizer, kickstand, rear caliber bracket,
going in for paint tomorrow night, cant wait to get them back!!!!!!
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